First and foremost our dogs are family members not kennel dogs. They live and sleep in our home usually sharing our beds and couch. Our puppies are raised in our home and are exposed to our everyday family life environment. They are handled daily from birth and given individual attention and socialization with other people and dogs. While still nursing they will start housebreaking by using a litter box and become accustomed to a puppy pen. Once old enough they are brought outside to become familiar with all the sights and sounds and to explore the back fields on supervised walks. The litter will be AKC registered and each puppy will be eligible for AKC Limited registration. Before leaving for their new homes at 8 weeks they will have been examined by a veterinarian, wormed, exposed to crates, car rides and dead birds.

 Weekly YouTube videos are sent to each family from birth to 8 weeks of age allowing the future owners to watch and enjoy the many developmental milestones a puppy goes through as they develop (their eyes opening, first time eating, playing, going outside). These are things you never get to see unless you are raising the litter.

Since we know our puppies better than anyone, we do not allow families to select their puppy and will assist any working homes with their selection. We make every effort to match each prospective owner or family with the puppy that best suits them by gathering information about their life style, experience in dogs, and expectation for their puppy. 



The process to acquire a puppy from us is:

1. We only breed occasionally so PLEASE have patience

2. We DO NOT keep “Waiting Lists” before a breeding

3. If you are interested in a working or competitive puppy please contact us anytime and we can discuss what breedings we have planned that may be of interest to you and assist in your puppy selection.

4. Submit a puppy application only after a planned breeding is posted. 

5. If chosen for an interview the initial interview is by telephone – we feel speaking with perspective families allows for a much more personal connection than you can not get through emails.

We will notify the families if they have been approved. To hold a reserved a puppy we ask for a deposit once the litter has been born. The remaining amount will be due on the day of pick up at 8 weeks of age.       



No litters currently available

Please check back latter this fall or early January 2025