Our objective is to breed for health, temperament, longevity and working ability and produce dogs that will become life-long companions. When a breeding is planned we do so with considerable research of these traits in the pedigree of the sire and dam. Both parents are certified by veterinary specialists to be hip, eye, heart and elbow clear. We also employ the use of DNA testing for identifying canine genetic markers that are associated with known diseases and other health issues found in the golden retriever breed. These health clearances help in the effort to decrease the incidences of inherited health problems that affect golden retrievers. Our commitment to the golden retriever breed, our investment in time, training and our total belief in proper up to date health clearances is reflected in the price of our puppies. While we are not breeding for prospective show champions we do strive to produce working retrievers that conform to the GRCA standard. They should possess traits such as desire to retrieve, drive, trainability, and an eagerness to please. Acquiring titles at performance events, such as hunt tests, field trials, agility and obedience trials etc., is a means of testing these traits. All Otterbrook puppies are sold with AKC limited registrations. If a full registration is requested, proof of all proper health clearances must be provided before consideration of  approval is given. This allows us, as the breeders, to ensure that only Otterbrook goldens with proper health clearances and demonstrated working abilities are to be bred.